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" I just wanted to say thank you for your performance at my daughter's birthday party at Plasnewydd Community Hall. Everyone still talks about you, and Charlie wants to see you again. I was worried that the little ones wouldn't understand what was happening, but you enchanted all the children and made them all laugh (including the mums and dads), you are a very talented man, and you made my little girls day Very, Very special. Thank you. Diana."

Ten questions everybody asks . . .

Q.How long is the show and what age is it suitable for?

A.The show is usually an hour - suitable for ages 3-11 but even 1 year old celebrations work well as Paddy can entertain a wide age-range at the same time including the adults!.

Q. Can I video the show?

A. Video is welcomed - it makes a wonderful family archive and from the many comments from happy parents, children enjoy watching the party show video over and over again. This has to be great value.

Q. How far do you travel for parties?

A. Usually within a 35-mile radius from Cardiff.

Q. My child is a little afraid of clowns, can you reassure me about your show?

A. Though some children are nervous about meeting clowns, Paddy arrives without costume or make-up and changes as the show progresses. The children are laughing and giggling from the start to the end.

Q. An hour is a long time - will the children sit and watch and can you keep order?

A. Absolutely. The show is a scaled-down version of Paddy's International Award-winning Theatre Show. He has performed at more than 5,000 parties over the last 20 years and can guarantee organised fun from start to finish.

Q. Can my child take part?

A. Of course, but only if they volunteer! There is no pressure to take part but even the shyest child grows in confidence and most want to help when it's time for Paddy's famous custard-pie routine!

Q. Do you need much room and is there any mess?

A. Paddy can adapt his show to any space - mess can be arranged if you wish!

Q. Do you do balloons?

A. Paddy is an expert balloonologist and he usually makes one with a routine during the show as present for mum or grandparent. Though some entertainers make balloons for all the children, Paddy prefers the fun and laughter of a full show which everyone can enjoy rather than the children queuing for a balloon whilst the rest run around causing mayhem! Paddy usually makes balloons as part of a "walkabout" for larger events.

Q. Is Paddy a member of any professional organisations?

A. Yes. Paddy the Clown is a member of Equity, Clowns International, is CRB checked and has full Public Liability Insurance Cover.

Q.How much does a performance cost and do I have to pay a deposit?

A. Paddy charges reasonable fees which represent great value. Payment is on the day, cash or cheque, whichever is more convenient for you. N.B There are no reductions for cash.

For a quote, to check availability, to make a booking, or ask for FREE ADVICE telephone 02920 486550 or use the contact form

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